Wednesday, September 1, 2010

News - Book Series Chart, Ratings for Series

I have had a couple people leave comments about the book series chart I provide on the side of my page.  The number one request is that the series be linked to my reviews.  Which I thought about for awhile...and decided would just be too much work.  I would have to go through some 400+ reviews and link them and the thought of doing that exhausts me.

So instead I have added in a column "Overall series rating" in which I rate the series as a whole...up to the point I have read it.

There is some obviousness linked to the rating.  If I am still reading the series it is generally a 3 or higher.  Why would I keep reading it if I disliked it?  If I have stopped reading the series usually it is rated a 3 or lower; because, again obviously, I wouldn't stop reading something if I liked it.

There are a couple caveats.  This is an overall series rating, so some books in the series are better than others.  In a couple of cases I have modified the rating a bit.  For example in the case of the Anita Blake series the first books in the series are 5's and the later ones 3's.  I know this doesn't supply specifics about why I did or did not like a book.  But, well, if you really want info on an author or a book do a quick search on my blog using the search bar at the top and you can read more detail on whatever series or author you are interested in.

Ratings are as follows:
5 stars - I have loved every book in this series.
4 stars - There have been some exceptional books in this series, and I like the series as a whole
3 stars - It is okay.  I may keep reading it if the subject interests me or I may drop it because I only have time to read series I really love.
2 stars - I didn't like the series and stopped reading it.
1 star - There were technical flaws in the series that made me hate it and I stopped reading it.

My choice to stop or continue a series is based on lots of things.  How often books come out and how many books are planned in a series plays into the decision as well as, of course, how much I liked the content of the series.  So hopefully people will continue to find this chart useful and the ratings will provide some of the input you are looking for.


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