Monday, August 3, 2009

Meridian by Amber Kizer (4/5 stars)

I got this as an ARC (advanced reading copy) through the Amazon vine program. I was really excited when this was offered to me because I had it on my wish list already. Overall it was a very good book. It seems to be more of an opening to a series than a stand alone book, but all in all it was creative and a good read.

All her life Meridian has been surrounded by dead things; they seem drawn to her. After being involved in a fatal car crash she is sent off by her parents to her Aunt's house. It is there that she learns she is a Fenestra; basically she is a doorway that souls pass through on their way to heaven. She finds that she is being hunted both by a religious cult and the Aternocti; it is up to her, her dying Aunt, and Tens (her Protector) to figure out what is going on and either try to stop it or avoid being killed by it.

This was a very creative book and started out really interesting. You really feel for Meridian; in general all of the characters are likable and engaging. I enjoyed reading the book and learning about Meridian, Tens, and Fenestra in general.

This book lagged some in the middle; I found some of the scenes where Meridian is in her aunt's house waiting for something to happen to be a bit boring, but it picked up again at the end. My largest complaint is that overall not much happens in the end; mostly the story sets you up for a new series. I can only assume that we will hear about Meridian and Tens adventures in future novels by Kizer.

Overall I enjoyed the book; it was a well-written, creative and quick read. I was kind of disappointed that more didn't happen before the end of the book but I am guessing future books will give us more action and adventures.

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